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Are you looking for a trusted and qualified Residential locksmith in the Toronto Area? Our qualified experts are available round-the-clock to handle all of your locksmith needs, from urgent lockouts to re-keying and installing new locks,

Residential Locksmith Services in Toronto

Secure Your Home with Professional Residential Locksmith Services. Whether you’re locked out, need a broken lock replaced, or want to enhance your property’s security, our experts are here to assist you.

Our Residential Locksmith Services: 

Emergency Residental Locksmith

Using Our residential locksmith has several advantages. A skilled locksmith first and foremost assist you in regaining entry to your house if you become locked out In case of an Emergency. This is particularly crucial if you need to return inside as quickly as possible during an emergency.

Our locksmiths can assist you with lockouts as well as Lock replacement or lock repair. This might be crucial for ensuring the safety of you and your family as well as the security of your property. To assist safeguard your house from break-ins, a residential locksmith will also be able to recommend and install updated security measures like deadbolts and security systems.

Experience Top-Rated Locksmith Services in the GTA with Integrum Locksmith. Whether you’re a homeowner or contractor, we offer the best solutions for all your locksmith needs.

If you’re concerned about the security of your home, our reliable residential locksmiths are here to help. From CCTV to keyless access control systems, we provide the best security solutions without compromising on quality. Our skilled team offers professional consultations and services in the GTA, delivering the most effective and dependable locksmith services at reasonable prices. Contact us today for all your locksmith needs!

Need a Residential Locksmith? Here's How to Find the Right One!

When it comes to finding a reliable residential locksmith, thorough research is essential. Look for a locksmith with a good reputation and a track record of delivering top-notch service. To ensure your protection, verify that the locksmith is fully licensed and insured.

A skilled residential locksmith can assist homeowners with a variety of needs, from lockout assistance to fixing damaged locks and enhancing home security. Contact a professional locksmith today for all your residential locksmith needs!


We do a lot more than just install beautiful, useful door locks. We use the most common tools and provide you with stylish and modern, high-security door locks that can prevent direct break-in attempts.
Modern locks and access control systems now offer the best protection against burglaries while giving visitors a welcoming first impression. Check out our keyless locking systems that provide you with total access control to your house or other important locations like vaults and safe rooms.
Never stress again about locking your keys inside your home or misplacing them. Integrum Locksmith provides services throughout the Toronto area and complies with all provincial and federal regulations regarding product control and installation protocols. We guarantee that every device is installed in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer as well as your security needs.

Local Locksmith Nearby

Integrum Locksmith is the best option for you if you need an emergency unlocking or lock rekeying service. In our urban environment, property theft is very common and mostly leaves us completely exposed to other risks too. Call us right away if you notice that your door has been broken into, and we will come to you to replace your damaged lock with a new and more secure one.
Rekeying all of your door locks is definitely a good choice if you think someone might have gained access to your home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace your present locks; you can simply rekey them.  Rekeying will change the internal workings of your locks so that they will only work with a new key that is immediately provided to you by our skilled and effective residential locksmith. This is especially helpful when dealing with tenants who are uncooperative.


To keep your home safe, locked, and private, locks are a great locking solution. Even if they are durable and withstand the passage of time, they ultimately become outdated due to new methods developed by robbers for accessing your valuable possessions. The best method to make sure that you are always one step ahead is to change your locks at least every five years.
It not only ensures the safety of your house but also avoids sticky situations where your locks become stuck as a result of accumulated dirt or the effects of bad weather. Newer locks definitely give your property a renovated feel, which is an added benefit. You might not think much of handles and locks because of their size and basic mechanical function, but attractive handles and locks can provide a much-needed sense of warmth and elegance to a home.


For any of your residential locksmith requirements, we are always available. Are you locked out of your home? No problem; we will be there and help you get inside. Has someone broken into your house? We’ll be there with a professional to install the best lock and other security devices. We can install both new door locks and security alarm systems for you. We have the answers you need if you’re looking for suggestions on how to increase security in and around your home. Our domestic locksmith services include:

  •  New door lock installation
  • Door lock rekeying
  • Home key cutting
  • Home surveillance systems
  • Mailbox lock change
  • High-tech security options
  • Garage door locks
  • Baby proofing services
  • Intercom system installations
  • Safe installation and cracking
  • Gate lock installation and much more

For all of your doors, cabinets, gates, and garage doors, Integrum Locksmith not only provides locks, padlocks, and deadbolts, but we also have a lot of experience when it comes to home security systems.  If you live anywhere in the greater Toronto area and need the best security and safety options for your home, Integrum Locksmith should be your first choice.


First of all, you must look for other doors or windows. Then you must try to contact any relative or friend who may have a key. Or you can simply contact a local locksmith as a locksmith is someone who can help you in getting inside our home immediately after you are locked out.

Depending on how many locks you need to change and what kinds of locks you prefer, the cost of this service might differ.

People usually call a locksmith because they have lost their keys, forgotten their keys, or had their keys stolen. The locksmith is skilled in offering you many solutions in addition to dismantling and reinstalling your door lock. Locksmiths with experience provide a guarantee of the work done to them.

Locksmiths can quickly restore access to your home, business, or vehicle so you can get back to your schedule. Our professional locksmith can handle all kinds of emergency situations throughout Toronto. They can open a safe, change locks as well as can make new keys for offices, homes, or vehicles.

In order to service your locks, Integrum Locksmith will also require seeing proof of residence. Displaying a driver’s license or another kind of photo identification is the simplest method.

If you’ve misplaced your keys and are locked out of your house, Integrum Locksmith can help. If your keys are lost, a locksmith who also does key cutting can make a new key right away for any kind of door or window lock.

Key duplication is one of the most common locksmithing procedures. Customers usually bring in keys and request you to make copies.

An expert locksmith uses a variety of specialized tools and can unlock any type of lock. It may be necessary to drill into some of your higher-security locks for unlocking them. In this case, your lock has to be replaced, but still, it will cost much less as compared to breaking a window.

Although burglars don’t have keys to your house, the locks’ standardization makes them very simple to pick or bump. Any common lock you come across can be picked once you learn how to do it.

A passkey (also known as a skeleton key) is a kind of master key whose serrated edge has been removed so that it can open a variety of locks, usually the warded lock.

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