For companies wishing to improve security and regulate who has access to their buildings, offices, and facilities, access control systems are an essential option. Access control systems offer a very effective approach to regulate entry and departure points, ensuring that only authorized people are permitted access. These systems use the most recent technology, including key cards, biometrics, and security codes. These systems can also be connected with other security measures, such alarm systems and video cameras, to offer another degree of security.

Access control systems are quite advantageous for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area since they boost efficiency, increase security, and give better control over who has access to a property. These systems may be adapted to a company’s particular requirements and scaled up or down as necessary.

Access Control Services in Toronto

Security measures for  commercial and industrial establishments must include access control systems. They are made to control and monitor the movement of people into and out of any type of building, including offices, schools, warehouses, and others. To meet all of your demands, Integrum Access Control offers a large selection of access control and identity management solutions. We are committed to assuring the safety and security of your property as a dependable supplier of cutting-edge goods and services for business and industrial clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Access Control Installation Toronto

An essential component of protecting your industrial or commercial property is access control installation. All varieties of access control systems may be professionally installed by Integrum Access Control. Together, you and our team of professionals will create a unique plan that is tailored to your property’s requirements. We’ll make sure the devices are all connected and set properly, and that the access control system is deployed appropriately. Our aim is to guarantee that your access control system complies with the most recent requirements and is completely operational, secure, and compliant. With our services for Access Control Installation, you can be sure that your property is protected.

Why to Install Access Control ?

As a top supplier of physical access control systems, we recognize how crucial it is to safeguard your assets and guarantee that only vetted individuals have access. Our entry control systems are made to give residential, commercial, and industrial establishments the best degree of security and tranquilly.

Our primary concern is physical security, and to make sure that only people who are authorized to enter your building can do so, we work with a range of various access control systems, including key cards, fobs, and biometrics. Cloud-based solutions are now more affordable because to technological improvements, and we offer a large selection of providers who carry the most recent Cloud Node, Door Controller, and Request to Exit Device versions.

Integrum Locksmith & Doors provide two forms of access control: logical access control, which controls access to digital resources like networks, files, and computers, and physical access control, which controls who is allowed to enter certain areas. Our staff is committed to provide the finest solutions for your unique needs, and in many situations, we can offer same-day or next-day installations.

Overall, we want to give our clients the greatest access control options available in the GTA and make sure their property is safeguarded as well as it can be. To learn more about how we can assist you with enhancing the security of your institution, contact us right now.

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Since 2017, we have been providing exceptional residential and commercial locksmith services in the GTA. Our reputation for quality is reflected in the fact that 80% of our revenue comes from client referrals. We prioritize customer satisfaction by carefully assessing your needs and providing transparent pricing. We only use top-quality products with reliable guarantees. Our team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals ensures that your needs are met and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Read our reviews to discover why we are the trusted choice for locksmith services in the GTA.


Depending on the door hardware and reader technology, an access control system usually costs between $1,000 and $2,000 per door. A more expensive option would be an electrified door handle or a magnetic lock with multi-technology readers. A less expensive option would be an electric door strike and a proximity reader.

Daily operations and system management are very simple after an access control system has been installed and configured. The end user can see and manage everything related to access control systems. Moreover, you can manage and utilize your access control system from almost anywhere.

Any large area can be secured with an enterprise-class access control system, depending on the system design. For instance, MGI’s system can protect up to 100,000 doors, which can be located throughout the world or gathered in one enormous area. Laser perimeters or infrared beams are sophisticated sensors that can be used to protect thousands of acres together. Securing any size installation, from one door to thousands, depends on selecting the right solution for each application.

The main component needed for an access control system, depending on the design requirements, is the credentials used to open elevator floor or a door. Credentials might be physical (cards, wristbands, or key fobs), biometric (facial, palm, or fingerprint recognition), or virtual (electronic tokens for smartwatches or smartphones). Specialty readers like keypads or long-range vehicle scanners, built-in CCTV cameras, elevator control, tele-entry systems, and many more are examples of other accessories.

Yes. Today’s access control system can be accessed via a browser, mobile device, or desktop PC.

All! Access control will protect and control access to any property, from preschools to universities, local police stations to military installations, mom-and-pop shops to multinational corporations, single-family homes to 100-story flats and condos.

Mobile phones can be used with some access control systems to regulate access by using Bluetooth or NFC, and these systems function similarly to other access control solutions by limiting access to certain areas.

The cardholder’s report of the lost card being stolen is very important. The card can then be declared unusable by having access revoked in the central database after this has occurred. Additionally, since the card was misplaced, the access control system will be able to determine if and where an effort has been made to get entry.

It is true that certain systems allow the creation of temporary permits with restrictions attached, allowing access to only particular places, and expires after a set period of time or on a set date. With such systems, you have the freedom to create temporary access as required.

Yes, cards are frequently personalized with the user’s photo to serve as an ID badge. Moreover, visitors can be given numbered badges to make sure they are noticeable and have the right access for the right period of time.

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