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If my lock is broken should I attempt to repair it or replace it?
The answer to this question varies and our home locksmith technician will not be able to give you a definite answer until they have assessed the state of your lock. In some cases a broken lock can be repaired, but in most cases they cannot be.

However, we have seen many broken locks, and we have repaired a good number of them with our thorough Lock Repair Unionville service. If the lock is broken beyond repair, then the locksmith technician assisting you will advise you on the way forward, and will help you choose the appropriate replacement lock for your home.

How do I know that it’s time to repair my lock?

When your lock is no longer functioning at its maximum potential and you believe it is no longer a safe and secure Lock Repair Unionville, then it is undoubtedly time to repair it. It is very easy to spot when your lock is no longer working the same way, because you use it every single day. If there is even a slight change in the way it operates, you will undoubtedly take notice.

Some locks will need repair because they were exposed to a lot of external pressure, while others will be in need of a repair simply because they have become old and fragile over extended periods frequent use. Some of these older locks move slowly or offer up a lot more resistance than they normally would, and this is a good sign to any homeowner that they are in need of some Lock Repair Unionville.

It could be a simple fix like readjusting the strike plate or it could be something more complex that involves changing an interior component of the lock. Regardless of what the issue may be, our locksmiths are more than capable of helping you out. If they are not able to help you repair the lock, they will offer you the necessary advice and help you by replacing the lock.

What do I do if my key no longer turns in the lock?

If your key is no longer turning in your lock, then that is a clear sign that your lock is in need of repair. Before you call the professionals here at Integrum to help you rectify the situation, you should attempt lubricating the keyway and try using the lock again. If this does not work, then it is a sign of probable lock malfunction. This does not automatically mean that you have to replace the lock. Our locksmith technicians will take a look at your lock to determine what the problem is and attempt to repair it.

Lock Repair Unionville

Much like everything else in this world, locks also need to be repaired and maintained from time to time. The locksmithing industry has yet to be graced with a lock that can stand the test of time and constant use.

It is important that you notify a professional locksmith as soon as you think there might be a problem with your lock, the sooner you notify us, the easier it will be for us to repair the lock rather than having to replace it. Most lock malfunctions are caused by minor things that spiral out of control because homeowners fail to act on them right away.

In some cases you will need to call a locksmith straight away so as to avoid causing any further damage to the lock. For instance, if you happen to break a key off in the lock, you should definitely call a locksmith to help you with your Lock Repair Unionville. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you will need your lock repaired and how a professional locksmith from 24/7 Locksmith can help you out.

Breaking a Key in the Lock

Breaking a key off in a lock is not as uncommon as most people would like to think. It can happen for a host of reasons. You might have been applying too much pressure when attempting to open the lock, and this could have easily caused the key to break inside the lock mechanism. No matter what the reason was, it is important that you call a professional locksmith to help you repair your lock.

Leaving a lock unrepaired for an extended period of time is one of the easiest ways to compromise the security of your home. Once our locksmith technicians have arrived on the scene they will first attempt to remove the broken key from the lock and then assess the lock to make sure that none of its internal components were damaged when the key broke inside it.

To extract a broken key from inside the lock mechanism, the professional locksmith will study the nature of the lock to see which method they can use. If there is a section of the broken key hanging out of the lock, then the repair job becomes a whole lot easier. Our technician will lubricate the lock and then grip the part that is hanging out so that it can be pulled straight out.

However, in most cases there is no part of the key hanging out of the lock so our locksmiths will make use of a broken key extractor tool. The broken key extractor tool works by catching the bitting of the key stuck in the Lock Repair Unionville and gently pulling it out. It is important that the lock is lubricated before this process begins. This will make the servicing much easier, and assist in the removal of the broken key. The broken key extractor tool is an essential part of the Lock Repair Unionville process.

  • Deadbolt is Stuck
  • Lock Repair

If the deadbolt of your door is not functioning the way it normally does, it is very likely that it is in need of repair. It is very likely that your deadbolt might be malfunctioning because the internal parts may be misaligned. The deadbolt might not be working the way it should because it is not able to find and fit properly into the strike plate, or more specifically the throat of the strike plate. If this is the case, make sure you contact a professional locksmith as soon as possible so that they can help you.

Our professional locksmiths will begin to try and diagnose exactly what might be causing the deadbolt to malfunction. If the strike plate is not secure and aligned with the deadbolt, then they will take it off and realign it to make sure that the deadbolt sits comfortably within the throat of the strike plate. 

This is one of the more simple Lock Repair Unionville techniques, although it only works when there is actually a problem with the deadbolt. The locksmith technician might also attempt to file part deadbolt down so that it can rest comfortably within the strike plate.

Lock Cylinder Turns

If you are attempting to unlock your door, and you realize that the entire lock cylinder is turning, then you can assume that your lock needs to be repaired. The cylinder within a lock is normally held in place by set screws and it only begins to malfunction and turn when the set crews that were meant to keep it firmly in place either break or become loose.

The solution to this is rather simple and merely involves locating and tightening the set screw. However, you should make sure that you contact a professional locksmith to have them carry this task out so that you do not end up causing further damage to the lock.

Door Lock Moves Slowly

Locking mechanisms are intricate little pieces that work hard to make sure doors are kept safe and secure at all times. There are many factors that could cause your door locks to move slowly and each of these can lead you to calling a locksmith to help you with Lock Repair Unionville. Your locks can start to move slowly either because they are frozen due to being exposed to extreme cold, the interior of the lock gets dirty or when the minuscule internal components start to wear out and break.

If your lock is not frozen, but is instead moving slowly because of a problem with its internal mechanics, then you should contact a professional locksmith. In most cases, the internal parts of the lock just need to be cleaned out and properly oiled to ensure that it continues to move smoothly. However, in other instances this could be an early warning sign that your lock has suffered too much wear and tear, and that it needs to be replaced rather than repaired.

Latch is Misaligned

This is a common symptom of Lock Repair Unionville for many exterior doors. This is because weather stripping is one of the main causal factors of the latch becoming misaligned. This is not as serious as it sounds! For an experienced locksmith this problem has an easy fix.

Our locksmiths will move the stripping further back on the door frame. This saves them time and saves you money. Some homeowners are not aware that sometimes the solutions are very simple and they go to great lengths to try and get some of these done by themselves. More often than not, this causes more damage. Give your locksmith experts a call today if you need any help with Lock Repair Unionville.

How To Troubleshoot Your Lock

Troubleshooting your lock is an easy enough process. It is important to at least try doing this before you attempt to contact the professional locksmiths here at 24/7 Locksmith. This saves homeowners time and money, because sometimes you may not be in need of Lock Repair Unionville. 

For instance, there could very well be something blocking the deadbolt of your lock from sitting flush within the strike plate, but you wouldn’t know because you didn’t attempt to troubleshoot the lock.

Troubleshooting the lock merely involves trying to determine what the problem might be, and seeing if there are any solutions that you can handle on your own. At least give yourself an idea of what to tell the friendly locksmith who comes to help you out. Sometimes your lock might just be in need of a lubrication, or your strike plate might need adjusting.

It takes a few minutes to pay attention to the door to try and determine what the problem is. If the door does not stay closed, it is likely a sign that the strike plate is misaligned. If the entire cylinder of the lock is turning when you insert your key, the the cylinders set screws are broken or loose.

As a homeowner, all you have to do is pay attention, and note when any part of your door is not functioning the way it should. A broken lock might be more serious than you think. But don’t worry there are several solutions for a broken lock. Once you contact the professional locksmiths, you can rest easy because we will take care of your Lock Repair Unionville

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