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We offer a range of higher security key systems that are compatible with nearly all commercial grade locks and security hardware in the Canadian market.

High Security Locks Kleinburg Installation

We Supply and Install High Security Locks Kleinburg to All The Residents of the GTA, Contact us the the best rates in Ontario. Locks keep our homes, businesses, assets, and other people safe from unwanted guests, intruders, and would-be criminals. nonetheless they’ll additionally cause quite a trouble in our daily lives after they pack up correctly. 

High Security Locks Kleinburg services

High-security lock repair in Kleinburg is vital for the high security of the property. Repair high-security locks give you security assurance of your home, office, building, garage, or your different properties. Usually, locks are the primary line of defense once your property is targeted by criminals, therefore you ought to not take any risk regarding your security and obtain it mounted as shortly as possible. we have a tendency to Integrum Locksmith & Doors are a really skilled Locksmith Service company in Ontario and have a very old team. 

Kleinburg High-Security Lock Systems Kleinburg

Choose Wisely when it comes to High Security Locks Kleinburg reputable, reliable, and reasonable lock repair service company Integrum Locksmith & Doors that may get your high security bolt Lock Repair done right. As a number one space service supplier we’ve worked exhausting to make a name around client service and satisfaction, operating hard day in and trip to stay your people, 

buildings, and assets safe behind a wonderfully in operation high-security deadbolt lock. Our with expertise trained and skilled smith Technicians are skillful altogether makes and models of high-security deadbolt lock, therefore we are able to repair your residential or business high-security bolt lock with none hassle and inconvenience

Why Use High Security ? 

Key copy protection – Stop just anyone copying your keys.
We can ensure that unauthorized duplicate keys are extremely difficult if not impossible to make, anywhere in the world, by anyone except the you.

Master Key Systems – Have One Key to Rule them All.
We can make it so that each persons key opens all the locks within the same building or organization that the person needs access to, and no others. For example, the cleaner’s key may open the all the office doors she needs to clean but not the stationery cupboard. High Security Locks Kleinburg.The Gardner’s key may open all the gates and the tool shed, but not the offices, etc. This is perfect for residential & commercial office buildings with multiple communal entries, stairwell, and car park doors.

Higher Security – Make your Locks Pick & Manipulation Proof.
We can make your locks fully resistant to all known techniques of surreptitious entry. That even means us. Ensure that Government Spooks, burglars or PI’s can’t pick your locks with you knowing about it. Yes, Government Law Enforcement Agencies do pick locks to take sneaky peeks, if they can.

Improved Durability & Reliability – Eliminate worn key & sticky lock problems.
Higher Security keys and lock cylinder are made from better quality materials and to tighter tolerances, ensuring that they last significantly longer than standard locks and keys. This is a must for high traffic locks on doors such as communal entry doors that get used hundreds of times daily.

Master Key Systems

A master key system is a system where more than one key operates a given lock or series of locks.
It can be as simple as having a communal entry door where all the individual apartment keys open the communal entry lock. It can be as complex as many locks at multiple facilities such as a mining company or hospital.

We can design in a key for any position in your organization with any level of convenience desired when we build the system.

For example, whereas CEO’s key might open every lock in the company, High Security Locks Kleinburg.the cleaner’s key might only open all the common area doors and the cleaner’s cupboard.

Where the gardener might be issued a key that opens all the external padlocks and the tool shed where they keep the mower, the IT nerd might be given a key that opens his office and the server room only.

The thing to remember is that with each key you design in to operate a given lock, you are incrementally decreasing the security of the lock in question.

A master key system properly designed and built by good locksmiths, is done in such a way as to maximize convenience while minimizing the reduction to security inherent in making any given lock work with more than one key.

At Integrum Locksmith and Doors , we were trained in the old school of Master keying by one Mr. Gary Wilson. Anyone who is anyone in this industry knows that you don’t pass Mr. Gary Wilson’s Master Keying class unless you know your shit. He stopped teaching that class in 2002, and in 2003 the industry moved to teaching the apprentices professional Master Keying software instead of the old school pen and paper method. This can be compared to giving a 5 year old calculator when trying to teach him 2+2=4.

Limitations On A Master key System

All major High Security Locks Kleinburg key systems can be built into master key systems. The amount of key differs mechanically possible is the limitation on the size of any given key system.

In the old days, the limited amount of key differs mechanically possible to a traditional inline 5 key system was a real problem. It took a lot of mind numbing progression charts to nut out large key systems to avoid cross keying and ghost keys.

These days, thanks to the advent of computer software to do the math, and new innovative lock designs, master key systems can be designed to almost any size and specification with minimum loss of security with the possibility of quite literally thousands of locks capable of being keyed to a single system with multiple levels of change keys, sub Master keys, and Grand Master keys.

There are many High Security Locks Kleinburg upgrades available for locks in the Canadian market and some have clear advantages over others, with security not being the only factor in choosing the correct one for you and your situation.

The local football club has different needs to a shopping Center which has different needs to an industrial mine site.

We can advise on and install a wide range of High Security Locks Kleinburg key systems that will be designed and built to your needs, no matter your size or location.

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